Providing a loving and nurturing environment for all children with delayed communication skills.

– MDE School



Tuition in schools that have a low teacher/student ratio is usually higher than other private schools. MDE has set tuition to be an affordable option yet still maintains a 4:1 ratio, small group learning and an excellent education for your child.



MDE School is accredited for children in grades K-8 and offers a Certificate of Completion for grades 9-12 with a focus on pre- vocational skills. A core curriculum is offered for all grades, K-12, as well as specials such as art, music, P.E., improv and field trips.

Creating a Brighter Future

We strive to provide a safe environment for all children to learn and reach their maximum potential. This has been one of the biggest benefits a child receives after enrolling in MDE School, according to parents.

What Parents Say

This is a safe environment which my child can also learn and reach their maximum potential. Previously we always felt that their potential was limited and once he was at MDE School we felt that there was so much potential and growth to be found.
Thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart. AJ loves school and his friends. Everyday he grows more and more. Engaging and talking to others was something I only dreamed of. Thanks to all of you – dreams now come true!!!
Presley was starting 3rd grade, we realized that public school was no longer an option. While homeschooling and feeling overwhelmed, his speech therapist Mrs. Mindy shared her idea of starting a school. Than fall we began our journey with MDE.”


A multi-sensory approach to learning is the key to success.