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” Thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart. AJ loves school and his friends. Everyday he grows more and more. Engaging and talking to others was something I only dreamed of. Thanks to all of you – dreams now come true!!! ”

Beth Patrick, one very happy mom!

” We believe that our family is so blessed that our son has so many professionals working with him and that he is at MDE School. We also believe that more speech, OT and PT is what many of these kids need to work on for underlying neurological issues! That, in combination with addressing and treating underlying bio-medical issues – it has to be a multifaceted approach to ultimately get the whole child better – no one thing can go alone. “

Salma Ahsan, MDE School Parent & Special Needs Pediatrician

” Anyone who is a parent knows that feeling of seeing joy and excitement in their child. That is what I see each day I drop off and pick up my daughter at MDE. In the short time Jillian has attended MDE, she has shown tremendous growth in many areas. Her patience has improved. Her verbal expression occurs more frequently and appropriately without prompting. Her manners and social interaction have also progressed, which is amazing to see!

The MDE environment is that of encouragement, independence, and care. The teacher/student connection is unmistakable. I love to see the students helping each other and having opportunities to be independent. We are truly grateful to MDE. Thank you for believing in Jillian and seeing her true potential. ”

Heidie Egan

” We are so blessed that our family has found MDE School for our son! Mindy Elkan has truly been a Godsend for us. Our son was having trouble in his former school, and without hesitation during the middle of the school year Mindy said our son can come to MDE in February! I mean what school does that? and trusts? It took a few months, I mean with our kids it doesn’t happen overnight…but with the dedication of the MDE staff and Mindy Elkan our son was thriving! We didn’t hesitate to sign the contract for the following year.

Presently, our son, is into his first few months of the following year and exceeding our expectations. Plus, every Sunday night he makes sure to ask his father and me, “MDE School tomorrow?!?” I honestly think that our son would go to MDE 7 days a week if he could. Sometimes after I pick him up from carpool and we are on our way home he will want to turn around and go back to school. 🙂 I have to say as a parent…does the heart good to hear this from our little man! Our son is presently in such a good place and my husband and I could not thank MDE and Mindy Elkan enough! We feel so blessed to have found MDE! “

Kathryn M.

” Presley was starting 3rd grade, we realized that public school was no longer an option. While homeschooling and feeling overwhelmed, his speech therapist Mrs. Mindy shared her idea of starting a school. Than fall we began our journey with MDE.
We needed a safe place, but received so much more. Over the past nine years my strong-willed little boy with few words has now grown into a 17-year-old teenager (still strong-willed) that loves MDE, rarely is not talking and after working in life skills now wants a job!
Presley has been able to thrive thanks to the support and dedication of Mindy, the teachers, therapist and staff of MDE.
MDE is more than a school, it’s a family! ”

The Monday’s

” We are a new family to MDE School this year. Our son has a diagnosis of Mosaic Down Syndrome. After years of struggles in the public school system and several private school searches we decided to enroll our son at MDE. The school has exceeded our expectations. Mindy, along with her teachers and support staff have built a nurturing and accepting environment yet remain focused on academics. Our son in now achieving at the highest academic levels of his school years. The teachers see the potential in our son and are doing an excellent job of tapping into it. MDE is also addressing our child as a whole person with focus on life and social skills.
Our move to MDE has given our son a new excitement about learning and brought a new peace to our family. “

The Nackley Family

” Before coming to MDE, our daughter attended 4 years of public school then 3 years in a very good Special Needs private school. Throughout those years, we always questioned “is she in the right place?”
We are closing on our 2nd year at MDE, and we never ask ourselves that question. By the end of her first year at MDE, she made more progress academically and socially than ALL her previous years of school combined. Before attending MDE, I felt we had been in the same place for years seeing only minimal progression. We believe it is due to the “one on one” daily instruction, smaller environment, flexibility in schedules including therapies and the caring teachers/staff who are ALL wonderful and dedicated to helping their students grow. Everyone knows each other well and celebrates each child for who he/she is and the progress they make. I appreciate how MDE recognizes the value of enrichment programs by coordinating with our local community bringing yoga, themed clubs (dance, Lego, Equestrian, etc), after school classes, field trips, and working with senior living centers. ”

Paige Valentine

” I just realized that I’m about to start a new chapter in my life….. junior year in high school! Ms. Mindy I want to thank you for helping me, if it wasn’t for MDE I don’t know where I’d be. I just want to say thank you so much and I love you guys I will never forget how MDE and the MDE Family has helped me tell everyone hello. I miss them and I will try my best to visit, I love you guys! “

Analin M (Former Student)