About MDE School

Our Mission is to provide K- 12 students with developmental delays an individualized education in a loving and nurturing environment.

Our Vision is for each student to reach their full potential academically, emotionally, and socially.

What Does MDE Stand For?

MDE School was founded in memory of Director Mindy Elkan’s late husband Mark David Elkan. MDE are his initials. Marc passed away very suddenly in 2008. Mindy was inspired to keep his legacy and his memory alive by establishing a school for children who learn differently.

Marc loved children and was always there to help at Greater Atlanta Speech and Language Clinics where Mindy served as a director.  Marc also volunteered regularly at hippo-therapy and charitable functions around town such as the Autism Walk. His heart and mind were always open to any individuals who needed help, especially children. He was dedicated to his family and friends and helped all to be motivated and succeed in any endeavor they tackled.

MDE stands for values that were key to Marc’s life and the values we strive to embody at our school.

Motivation Dedication Excellence.

Our Beliefs

MDE School believes that special needs students learn best while experiencing all aspects of the curriculum in a developmentally appropriate classroom. Therefore, the special education classroom is structured to emphasize language and communication to promote independence and self-advocacy among our students.

We believe that students who learn differently do best in a small class environment. That is why we maintain a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

Our program is based on a flexible special education classroom atmosphere, incorporating group instruction, one-on-one teaching, and independent class work. This combination enables our special ed teachers to customize an educational experience for each student that capitalizes on each student’s unique way of learning.

Our special education teachers lovingly guide our special needs students to help them learn to cooperate with their peers to have positive educational experiences that will encourage and enhance their growth and development.

We continuously provide opportunities to teach our students age-appropriate life and social skills.

We believe parents are an integral part of their student’s success. Therefore, we encourage parents to communicate with the teachers and director to maximize their child’s total learning experience.

Safe and collaborative environment

Develop language and communication skills

Provide positive and supportive guidance

Encourage independence and self-advocacy

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