MDE Overview

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About MDE School

MDE is a not-for-profit, private school established in 2009 as a full-service k-12 educational center for students with language-based learning disabilities. We are dedicated to helping students build a foundation for academic and social success through individual education assessments, a low teacher-to-student ratio, enrichment, and life skills training in a nurturing environment.

  Safe and collaborative environment

  Language and communication

  Positive and supportive guidance

  Independence and self-advocacy

Our Philosophy

MDE School believes that children learn best while experiencing all aspects of the curriculum in a developmentally appropriate classroom. Opportunities for learning occur at all times of the day and we capitalize on these opportunities as often as possible. Our teachers are trained to recognize these learning moments and guide children to make the best of them. The classroom is structured with an emphasis on language and communication to promote independence and self-advocacy.

We believe that teachers must lovingly guide and redirect the children to help them learn to cooperate with their peers to have positive, educational experiences that will encourage and enhance their growth and development.

It is our responsibility to model appropriate use of language and action at all times. We continuously provide opportunities to teach the children age appropriate skills for conflict resolution.

We encourage parents to communicate with the teachers and director to maximize the child’s total learning experience.


Our Mission

MDE School’s mission is to provide a loving environment for all
children with delayed communication and language processing skills, while keeping a 4-1 ratio. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to learn in a child-directed, developmentally appropriate environment, where learning takes place in a meaningful and natural manner. Each child’s self-worth and self confidence is highly regarded as we foster the development of healthy, self assured individuals. Children will experience dedicated, loving and compassionate educators to guide them to achieve their maximum potential.


Our teachers loving guidance helps children learn to cooperate with peers in positive and encouraging ways.


It is our responsibility to model appropriate use of language and action at all times.


Classrooms are structured to emphasize communication to promote independence and self-advocacy.