The Advantages of Inclusive Education

By Taylor Tritt, MDE School Teacher   |   April 11, 2024

April 2024 blog post

Nearly every day, I engage my students in discussions about the essence of friendship and the importance of kindness towards others, regardless of their race or abilities. We employ various methods to instill in them the understanding of kindness and appropriate behavior towards their peers. As someone once wisely stated, “Inclusion is not bringing people into what already exists, it is making a new space, a better space for everyone.” This resonates deeply with me, and I believe that the initial step towards creating such a space lies in fostering an environment where everyone is accepted and valued for who they are.

Prior to joining MDE, my teaching experience revolved around providing an inclusive environment where children with developmental disabilities were integrated with their typically developing peers in a classroom setting. Achieving this requires an incredible collaborative effort, but the outcomes are immensely rewarding, fostering a productive learning environment for both neurotypical and neurodiverse students. We all desire for our children to find a place where they feel comfortable, loved, respected, and valued for their differences. Establishing this nurturing environment within our classrooms serves this purpose and brings numerous benefits for all children involved.

Positive impacts of an inclusive classroom include:

  1. Fostering empathy and acceptance towards all students.
  2. Providing peer role models for language and social development.
  3. Encouraging the celebration of differences rather than mere tolerance.
  4. Affording every student the opportunity to be heard and valued.

While MDE School hasn’t traditionally catered to typically developing children, we uphold the same principles of accepting all students as they are, presuming competence, and meeting each student where they’re at. This might manifest differently for each child, but that’s the essence of an inclusive classroom. We tailor education based on individualized learning goals specific to each student. Our curriculum emphasizes acceptance and respect for one another, punctuated by celebrations of every milestone achieved.

Beginning next school year, MDE will extend its inclusive education philosophy to our youngest learners in preschool. The vision is to create an environment conducive to learning for both typically developing children and those with developmental disabilities, fostering academic and social growth in a nurturing setting. I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible benefits of such an approach throughout my career, and I eagerly anticipate witnessing MDE’s positive impact on our youngest learners. For more information about our new INCLUSIVE preschool program, please email